Madison patching Reunion potholes


MADISON — Work is underway to repair potholes on portions of Reunion Parkway between Bozeman Road and Madison Station Elementary that have marred the surface for more than a year.

Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler attributed much of the delay due to the rainy season and the availability of contractors due to the large amount of work in the metro area.

“Reunion Parkway was built by the County and was later annexed by the City of Madison,” she said. “The first phase did not require any work at the time the second phase was built. Road work and repairs are limited to conducive weather and contractor availability and unfortunately, we have had a very rainy season. 

“We are currently preparing for our next fiscal year and anticipate including provision for an overlay. We are hopeful that the County will contribute towards this necessary work.”

Dexter Shelby, Madison director of public works, said the potholes remained in place so long due to the governmental process.

“When bids come in, I can’t tell a contractor to go to work without the board’s approval,” Shelby said. “You can’t just sign off on an invoice on some money that the mayor and board don’t know about without going through board approval.”

Shelby said after the city got reports about the potholes, they obtained bids on repairing the holes the next day.

“We were just going through the process,” Shelby said. “Sometimes it takes time for a process to happen when you have to go through governmental procedures and that is where we are.”

Shelby said a $20,000 contract was recently awarded to patch the potholes.

“They are going to dig the bad stuff out and put some new stuff in,” Shelby said Tuesday of the work that began Wednesday. “They are going to be patched.”

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