Goodloe embracing position this season

Goodloe embracing position this season


Canton Academy senior running back Marcus Goodloe said he and his teammates are making football more of a priority than any other season in the past.

“We’ve made it serious compared to previous years,” Goodloe said. “All the guys love it, and they’re giving their all. They’re all fun and cool guys, and it’s like a big family to me. All of them are my brothers, and it’s my favorite part of playing for Canton Academy.”

Goodloe began playing football in sixth grade and immediately chose to play running back since it was something he always wanted to do.

“I watched multiple different people play the position as I grew up, and it made the game look like a lot of fun,” Goodloe said. “I love it, and it’s something to take your mind off of other things, and you have fun while doing it.”

Goodloe said he plans on playing college football, and while he is not certain which college he will attend, he is considering Southern Miss with a major in exercise science as a career if football does not work out.

He said his biggest highlight of playing for Canton Academy was winning the district championship against Benton Academy.

“Nothing else comes close to the feeling of excitement we all had when we won the district,” Goodloe said. “It is by far the best moment I’ve had here.”

His favorites:

• Hobby: Hanging out with friends

• Vacation spot: Destin, Florida

• Food: Shrimp Alfredo

• Movie: “Facing the Giants”

• Video game: “Madden NFL 2k22”

“I’m very appreciative of my coaches, we’re blessed to have them this year, and I love all of them,” Goodloe said. “We’ve had a few minor injuries this season, but we’ve fought through it and didn’t let it get us down. Our goal is to keep getting better every week.”

Canton Academy Head Coach Gage Posey said this is his first year to coach Goodloe and said he is one of the most talented players he has ever coached.

“Marcus is exactly the type of player we preach about,” Posey said. “He puts in the work. He has been a little banged up recently, and due to that, he missed a game. We felt that as a team, and that shows just how much of an influence he is to the rest of the players.”

Posey said not only is Goodloe special when the ball is in his hands, but he is also one of the best defensive players in the association.

“He has a high football I.Q., and that resonates with the rest of the team,” Posey said. “If any of them have any questions, they seek help from Marcus since he is able to answer them.”

Posey said the team won the district championship this season for the first time in five years. Canton Academy is 8-2 and 4-0 in district play.

“We will be home for the first playoff game next week for the quarter-finals and play the winner of Hillcrest Christian and Sylva Bay,” Posey said. “The kids bought into what we were expecting of them this summer, which was to show up to summer workouts. We were wanting to build a winning culture, and we are getting it. We credit that to senior leadership, Marcus included.”

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