Jackson trash problems could impact here

Jackson trash problems could impact here


RIDGELAND — City officials are mulling a request from Waste Management to change trash pickup days to better accommodate their contract with the city of Jackson. 

Waste Management is proposing that the area of town east of I-55 and south of the Natchez Trace will change their pickup days to Tuesday and Friday and the rest of the city will have trash pickup on Monday and Thursday. 

Recycling will be relegated to its own day, Wednesday, city-wide. They proposed these changes to aldermen at their regularly scheduled meeting on May 17. 

Aldermen tabled the decision for the upcoming June 7 meeting to gauge public 


Alderman-at-Large D.I. Smith said he was not sure what “combinations” of days other streets and subdivisions had but noted that where he lives in Dinsmoor, trash pick-up is Wednesday and Saturday. He said recycling goes out with the Saturday trash. 

Smith said that he has received feedback that is “more positive than negative” 

concerning the proposed change. Specifically, he said the positive feedback has surrounded an end to Saturday pickup. 

It is Smith’s understanding, he said, that the contract between the city and Waste Management does not include trash pickup days and that WM has “a lot of latitude” in making that decision. 

“As prices go up it is important to work with our service providers,” Smith said. He said it is important that they are able to deliver their services efficiently and in a way that minimizes future cost increases. 

Waste Management representatives said the proposed plan is “logistically” the best for all of their customers and benefits included being more organized and optimized. They 

said recent changes to their contract with the city of Jackson impose certain challenges on scheduling drivers and equipment. 

Specifically, they have proposed schedule changes to customers in Rankin, Copiah and Madison counties as well as the city of Clinton. They said there are currently no pro- posed changes to the service offered in the city of Madison. Waste Management representatives said that where they have instituted a dedicated day for recycling they have seen increased participation in the program and that they would expect to see that in Ridgeland. 

Waste Management representatives included Senior Distribution Manager Jim Funderburg, Public Sector Solutions Director David Holloway and District Manager Kenneth Nance 

Ward 6 Alderman Wesley Hamlin said he had. A ”gut feeling” that adding a third garbage day for recycling could lead to burnout. 

“I think this is a bigger deal,” Hamlin said. “People are so used to their schedule now.” 

Smith said that the negative responses he received had to do with residents being unwilling to change the rou- tine they have established. 

Hamlin motioned to table the item until their June 7 meeting which passed unanimously. 

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