HARSANYI/Can Fetterman do his job?

NBC News’ Dasha Burns recently aired the first in-person interview with Pennsylvania senatorial candidate John Fetterman since his stroke.

DUNCAN/The confession of the kingdom

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 16:13-20.  Here in Caessarea Phillipi, the Lord Jesus has one goal in mind.

DUNCAN/A warning against false teaching

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 16:1-12. In Matthew 16:1, Jesus and His disciples have arrived back on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.

In this passage, Acts 24:22-27, Paul has defended himself from the charges the Jewish leaders have brought against him, and now the governor of Judea, Felix, is to give his ruling on the case.

DEAN/What a good grade means

There is not just good news to report from the Madison County School District, there is amazing news.

CARSWELL/Education establishment holding kids back

With charter-school applications repeatedly being denied, it’s time to overhaul the approval process.

DUNCAN/Four thousand fed

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 15:29-39.  Christ’s ministry in this passage and His repetition of the great miracle of the feeding of thousands is designed to teach us spiritual truth. 

GETTING THE MESSAGE/Paul is accused by the Jews

In this passage, Acts 24:10-21, Paul is on trial before Felix the governor. He responds to the charges made against him by Tertullus, the lawyer representing the Jewish council. He has been accused of sedition, stirring up riots, and desecration of the temple.

MOORE/Biden losing race for the cure

President Joe Biden recently announced, with great fanfare, his Cancer Moonshot initiative. Biden used soaring and promising rhetoric about, at last, finding a cure for one of the world’s leading killers. 

LOWRY/Republicans run and hide on abortion

There was a time when Senate Republicans were squarely behind a federal ban on late-term abortion. And it wasn’t long ago.

DUNCAN/Out of the heart comes evil

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 15:15-20. Christ takes the matter of the heart with the utmost seriousness and so should we. In this passage He shows us the origin of sin in our own experience.

GETTING THE MESSAGE/Don’t be surprised at suffering

In Acts 23:11, the apostle Paul is in the Roman barracks to protect him from the Jews, who again had threatened his life.

HARSANYI/California’s Green New Deal

If California, our most populous state, were its own nation, it would rank as the world’s fifth largest economy and boast the highest average household income (outside a handful of “countries” like Monaco or Luxemburg).

DUNCAN/Tradition or commandment?

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 15:1-14.  This passage has important lessons for us.

GETTING THE MESSAGE/The first mission team sent

Luke records for us in this passage the first mission team sent off by a church, taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

RENO/Politics of Jackson water should end

In 1998, when I was a new member of the Jackson City Council representing Ward 6, the City of Jackson received orders from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality directing the city to address the long-standing inadequacies of its water and sewer system. The state’s orders, which came with hard deadlines for action, addressed a myriad of issues. To name a few, the Savannah Street treatment plant was discharging untreated waste and odor, the Fewell water-treatment plant was leaking waste into the Pearl River (a violation of the federal Clean Water Act), and broken sewage lines were leaking due to massive infiltration and inflow.

WHITE/A father in the home is essential

Kids who grow up without an engaged father in the home are more likely to go to prison (especially boys), less likely to graduate high school, less likely to be healthy, and young girls are more likely to become pregnant as teenagers.

LOWRY/Who says bipartisan cooperation is dead?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are proving that even sworn enemies can cooperate to promote one another’s political interests.

DUNCAN/Jesus walks on water

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 14:22-36. This passage focuses our attention on the powerful, providential protection of the Lord Jesus Christ for His people.

GETTING THE MESSAGE/Paul speaks to misery of darkness

In Acts 22:1-23, Paul is at the temple in Jerusalem, and he has almost been beaten to death by the Jewish crowd. Nevertheless, he has been given permission to speak to them by the Roman tribune who rescued him from death.

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