Supremes to hear Gluckstadt arguments

Supremes to hear Gluckstadt arguments


The future of Gluckstadt’s incorporation effort will become a lot clearer in February 2021 after the Mississippi Supreme Court granted oral arguments this week.

The arguments are set for Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 1 p.m. 

The Gluckstadt incorporation, which had been approved by Madison County Chancery Judge James Walker in April 2019, has sat in limbo after a local businessman appealed the decision while trying to add a new road on some property in an effort to increase its value. 

Ron Hutchinson, once a proponent of the Gluckstadt incorporation effort, appealed Walker’s ruling in an attempt to get zoning restrictions removed on 3.71 acres of land east of Church Road and south of Calhoun Station Parkway. 

Hutchinson originally negotiated with area residents in 2015 to place certain restrictions on the property during a successful rezoning effort.

Fast forward four years and Hutchinson wanted those restrictions removed to increase the value and marketability of his commercial property. 

After Hutchinson appealed the decision, the city of Canton joined in the appeal as well, sparking a nearly two-year wait in the Mississippi Supreme Court. 

Walter Morrison, the appointed mayor of Gluckstadt if the incorporation is successful, said two years ago that Hutchinson was “holding hostage” the incorporation efforts and it would cost them well over $100,000 in legal fees. 

Canton is using the same argument Hutchinson raised in its appeal — that the Gluckstadt incorporators did not have enough valid signatures to incorporate in the first place. 

That same argument was initially raised by Mac Haik auto group in Chancery Court, but Judge Walker ruled Gluckstadt had met the requirements and Haik later withdrew all opposition. 

Canton is trying to annex property that Walker had included in Gluckstadt’s city limits after only receiving approval to annex two of five proposed areas. 

Walker ruled that Canton could annex Area 1 and Area 2 of the five proposed areas for annexation. Area 1 is located north of the city and includes homes on streets such as Jody Drive, Davis Avenue, Wayne Drive and Johnson Drive. This was the largest section of the proposed annexation plan. 

Area 2 is sandwiched between existing city property and takes in West Side Drive and part of Third Avenue, including the Peco plant. 

Peco is appealing the annexation, along with other entities.

Area 3 was located west of the Nissan plant and I-55. Area 4 was located east of I-55 and south of the Nissan plant. Area 5 was located west of I-55 down Calhoun Station Parkway from Church road to what would be even with Kehle Road. This was land included in the Gluckstadt city limits. 

Oral arguments can be viewed live on the Court’s website at on Feb. 10.

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