Singing Christmas Tree to go live Dec. 1-2

Singing Christmas Tree to go live Dec. 1-2


The oldest singing Christmas tree tradition in the United States began at a university in Mississippi, and this year will mark the 91st performance of Belhaven University's Singing Christmas Tree.

This free event is scheduled for December 1-2 at 7:30 p.m. in the Belhaven Bowl Stadium. 

Since 1933, the tree frame grew taller, electric lights replaced candles, voices were amplified, and singers were added every year. Today, the metal and wood structure holds over 100 choir singers.

Depending on the Christmas carol, lights on the tree twinkle and change colors in various patterns, creating a visually stunning display for viewers. Dance majors, dressed as angels with illuminated wings, take part in the performance for certain songs.ol, lights on the tree change colors in various patterns and create a visual spectacle for listeners. Dance majors, dressed as angels with lighted wings, join the performance for certain songs.

"This annual event has become a cherished tradition to kick-off the Christmas season and we are honored to present this gift to our community,” said Chair of the Music Department Dr. Rebecca Geihsler-Chittom.

Belhaven's performing arts departments are joining forces with tree singers to weave their artistry into a celebration of the Nativity. According to Dr. Geihsler-Chittom, “This year's 91st Belhaven Singing Christmas Tree is unique. We have extended our collaboration to encompass a range of artistic disciplines, such as dance, theatre, art, design and creative writing.”

Certain traditions have become expected elements to the tree. An auditioned soloist will take the sought-after position under the star and at the top of the tree. This honored soloist will perform “O Holy Night” near the conclusion.

Belhaven's Singing Christmas Tree was named "Top 20 Events in the Southeast" by the Southeast Tourism Society. Many families have made this event a family tradition. Mississippians and those from surrounding states make the pilgrimage every year to see this special performance.

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