Romantic serenades for strings on tap

Romantic serenades for strings on tap


A string musician will surprise your sweetheart with a classical love song, a balloon, and a card at the place of your choosing!

Belhaven University’s Serenade Your Sweetheart is a heartwarming experience and an opportunity to share love through music, says violinist Cristan Stewart.

“I’ve done a handful of these performances, but one I remember fondly is where I performed at an assisted living facility for a resident’s birthday,” Stewart said. “Her tears of happiness meant so much to me and only reminded me more that this is why we create music. Not for perfection, but for love for one another.” 

Nancy Bateman has taught string music at Belhaven University for almost two decades and says the Serenade Your Sweetheart is a way to surprise a loved one through the power of music and it gives her students real-life work experience. 

Bateman teaches her String Pedagogy class, nicknamed “Heartstrings,” during the spring semester, and since it lines up with Valentine’s Day, she puts on the Serenade Your Sweetheart in February. 

The class teaches students things like how to set up a business, get gigs and contracts, and how to set up a studio if they want to teach and get students of their own. 

Serenade Your Sweetheart runs Feb. 10 through Feb. 14.

“We are offering one of our string musicians to come out and surprise your sweetheart with a love song, balloon, and card at a place of your choosing anywhere in the Jackson metro area,” she said.

The musicians go to fire stations, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, and more. 

“It’s a very personal way of saying ‘I love you,’” Bateman said. “There’s never usually a dry eye.” 

Belhaven graduate Zakary Joyner, a violinist, said he participated in Serenade Your Sweetheart six years ago and was hired by a husband to surprise his wife at work. 

“Not only did I serenade her, but I also delivered a Mylar balloon and a note,” Joyner said. “It was very enjoyable and everyone in the office also enjoyed it.” 

To set up a serenade, call Bateman at (601) 953-1233.

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