Madison Schools Reopening


Madison County School District students will attend regular in-person classes starting Aug. 17 as the school district rolls out their reopening plan that includes procedures and guidelines for a variety of aspects from school buses to cafeteria lunches.

School officials have said this strategy is developing and will react to the situation as it changes. School officials have already begun posting strategies, recommendations and guidelines on the school district’s website.

Last Thursday, MCS Superintendent Charlotte Seals announced that county students will return to school on a modified schedule beginning on Aug. 6. 

Students will alternate days of coming to school with days of distance learning activities. All students will participate in distance learning on Aug. 14. On Aug. 17 students will return to school for face to face instruction for the remainder of the semester.

“After much thoughtful and careful deliberation, Madison County Schools is planning an in-person return to school for the fall semester,” Seals said. 

“This adjusted schedule will allow teachers the opportunity to get to know their students in person during on-campus days, and distance learning days will provide important practice should conditions require that the District or individual schools move to a virtual learning model,” She continued. “This modified back-to-school schedule will help everyone adjust to new health and safety procedures prior to a District-wide return to on-campus teaching and learning on Aug. 17.”

On Wednesday, the district added an option for a virtual learning option during COVID-19.

Parents weighed in on social media. The post on the district Facebook page had more than 400 responses as of press time.

“Praise God!! Thank you Madison County Schools,” Dina Kathleen Wilson Ray wrote. “These kids need a little ‘normal’ in their life with all the crazy in the world. Hopefully, the face mask thing will be relaxed before long with death rates on decline and youth not in the high-risk category. This Mom is happy!”

Kristen Karrington Lambert said that she hoped that families with concerns would be offered distance learning options but looked forward to her child starting kindergarten.

“Thank you MCS!!! This is HUGE for our children’s development, especially the younger ones!!"

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