Madison crime statistics remain low for 2023

Madison crime statistics remain low for 2023


MADISON — There were no major violent crimes here in 2023 allowing the city to maintain its “relatively low crime rate,” Madison Police Chief Gene Waldroip said after crime statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation were released. 

“I am glad to report there were no major violent crimes within the city of Madison in 2023,” Waldrop said. “Madison continues to enjoy a relatively low crime rate.”

According to FBI statistics, Waldrop reported a decrease in Total Group A offenses reported for the calendar year 2023 mainly consisting of property crimes — specifically financial crimes, embezzlement, fraud, and identity theft. Statistics show this category was up from the 2022 report.

“We continually remind our citizens to secure their homes and garages when not in use, remove valuables from their automobiles, and secure them at all times preferably in the trunk,” Waldrop said.

Simple assaults increased with the majority of assault cases consisting of the offenders knowing the victims, Waldrop said.

MPD investigated 78 assaults and 12 aggravated assaults in the city in 2023 compared to 61 simple assaults and 12 aggravated assaults in 2022.

Charges of driving under the influence, a Group B offense, dropped to 109 in 2023 representing a drop of 55 total offenses from 2022.

The clearance rate for crimes dropped to 59.97 percent in 2023 with officers clearing 451 of 752 reported offenses in 2023. More crimes were reported in 2022 with 540 cleared reported offenses out of 835.

The Madison Police Department continues to utilize a combination of citizen input and programs, along with a highly visible police presence in an attempt to keep crime to a minimum, according to Waldrop. He said citizen participation is a “major component of any successful anti-crime efforts in the City of Madison.” 

As in years past, 2023 has seen a continuation of the population growth in the city and a “tremendous and steady growth in the commercial, retail and professional community,” Waldrop said.

Madison grew from a population of 25,860 in 2021 to 27,674 in 2022.

“I congratulate the City of Madison officials, members of the Madison Police Department and especially the citizens of the City for a partnership that is successfully working to keep crime to a minimum and the City a safe and wholesome environment to live, raise a family and retire,” Waldrop said.

Statistics are from the National Incident Based Reporting System. The FBI switched to the NIBRS in 2021 after phasing out the Summary Reporting System (SRS) of the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program that was utilized by cities and other jurisdictions to officially report crime offenses to the federal government.

Waldrop called the new program “more robust.”

More information regarding the State of Mississippi’s NIBRS reporting program, along with the ability to further review NIBRS data for Madison and other jurisdictions, as well as statewide, can be found at: 

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