Limbs, leaves in new pickup deal

Limbs, leaves in new pickup deal


MADISON —  A new bulk waste contract  covering limbs, vegetation and organic debris with more specific household pickup has been announced here.

The new contract with Waste Management began the week of July 12.

“The new bulk waste pickup is limited to limbs, vegetation and organic debris,” said Leah Talbot with Waste Management.

“Leaves must be bagged, and collection includes a limit of six cubic yards per resident per service day.”

The city posted a map on Facebook that details the bulk waste pickup schedule along specific streets and which days the waste will be collected.

“We’ve had a limb and debris contract in the city for a couple years, so this isn’t new,” said Chelsea Brannon, city attorney. 

“The contract requires the contractor to run through the city once a week and the map lets people know when Waste Management trucks will be in your area to retrieve those materials.”

The previous contract didn’t have a definable schedule and that’s something officials tried to improve on so residents will know when to expect the trucks, Brannon said. 

“We’ve always had Waste Management run through the city each week, but the current contract has a more defined schedule, so our residents would have better information on where the trucks would be.”  

For more information, call Waste Management at 1-800-284-2541.

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