Homeowners, developer reach agreement over subdivision

Homeowners, developer reach agreement over subdivision


An attorney representing homeowners in the Lake Grey Castle area called off a public hearing they had requested for the June 7 Madison County Board of Supervisors meeting after the homeowners reached an agreement with the developer of a new subdivision known as Mipitou.

The public hearing was intended to discuss the possible use of Dover Lane as a connector road for the Mipitou development owned by Peter Debeukelaer. 

John Nisbett, a resident of Greystone and partner with Heilman Law Group, told supervisors during the June 7 meeting the issue had been settled amicably between the neighboring subdivisions’ homeowners and Debeukelaer. 

Nisbett had filed an appeal letter on April 19 representing the Lake Grey Castle Homeowners Association, the Newcastle Homeowners Association, and homeowners in Greystone requesting the hearing over the board’s decision to allow the Mipitou developer to use Dover Lane as a connector road. 

“Once the project opens, unless the Board of Suipervisors denies this access to Dover Lane, all of the traffic from the first 65 lots and the majority of the traffic from the total 135 lots (1,300 vehicles per day/135 vehicles per hour per ITE Trip Generation, 10th Edition) will use Dover Lane,” states Nesbitt’s April 19 letter requesting the public hearing to appeal of the board’s decision to let Debeukelaer use Dover Lane as a connector road. “At completion, this development is anticipated to (more than) double the traffic through Dover Lane/Normandy Circle, as Robinson Springs Road is heavily congested during peak hours at MS Hwy 463. There is a 0.25 mile section of Normandy Circle that is only 12 ft in width, which would not function safely under heavier (two-way) traffic volumes and higher speeds.”

During the supervisor’s June 7 meeting, however, before the public hearing began, Nisbett said the resolution agreement reached between homeowners and Debeukelaer was for Gus Green Road and Robinson Springs Road to function as connector roads instead. 

After instituting a restrictive covenant into the land records to put concerned citizens’ minds at ease, Nisbett withdrew his appeal letter from the board, ending the need for a public hearing.   

In other matters during the supervisors’ June 7 meeting, the board:

• Approved James Freshwater’s reappointment to the Southwest Madison County Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners.

• Approved Saint John Baptist Church’s property tax exemption on church property, upon which they intend to build a youth recreation center. 

• Approved advertising for on-site natural gas improvements as part of prepping for Amazon’s megasite with funding from the Mississippi Development Authority.

• Approved Waggoner Engineering Inc.’s task order to administer an Environmental Infrastructure Needs Analysis in West Madison County for $96,500.

• Approved Neel Schaffer’s design services contract to draft the part of Bozeman Road from Reunion Parkway to Gluckstadt Road for $469,500. 

• Approved a site plan for a new C Store on Highway 16 and old Highway 16 in Farmhaven.

• Approved site plans for new businesses on the corner of Old Jackson Road and Church Road, near Church Road, and between Thomas Johnson Road and Interstate 55.

• Approved a preliminary plat for Katherine Lake of Caroline. 

• Approved the purchase of platform ladder fire truck from Bonaventure Company for $1,363,278.

• Approved, on the advice of a fisheries biologist, a Lake Management Plan for Sulphur Springs.

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