Guy Bowering Day proclaimed in Madison

Guy Bowering Day proclaimed in Madison


MADISON -- Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler surprised Alderman Guy Bowering Tuesday night by proclaiming Nov. 25 as “Alderman Guy Bowering Day” in honor of Bowering’s birthday and service to the city. 

“It’s a bit overwhelming,” Bowering said. “The mayor is an exceptional individual and more times than not she thinks of other people before herself. She’s blessed me greatly with this proclamation and I’m very grateful for it. I think all the citizens and people outside this city know how wonderful of a person she is.”

Bowering ran for alderman in 2008 and represents Ward 6 in Madison. He is also the Mayor Pro Tempore and represents Hawkins-Butler in her absence. 

“I didn’t know when I first ran for alderman that it would come to this,” Bowering said. “I am very humbled.”

Hawkins-Butler kicked off the Nov. 15 board meeting with the proclamation and said she wanted to recognize Bowering for all the hard work he has done for the city. 

“I wanted to recognize an individual who gives and keeps on giving, and has made a true difference for the city,” Hawkins-Butler said. “Tonight I’d like to recognize Guy Bowering. There is not a time I call on him that he doesn’t come, he loves his church and family, and he’s a very special person.” 

The mayor’s proclamation states the City of Madison will from now on recognize Nov. 25 as “Alderman Guy Bowering Day” to honor his birthday. It recognizes Bowering’s service to the city and highlights some of his accomplishments, including his successful career in insurance and finance, promotion of Madison’s economic development, support of the Madison fire and police departments, dedication to his wife Nancy Bowering and his church, and his patriotism. 

“Guy is a true gentleman,” Hawkins-Butler said. “God bless you and we love you.” 

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