G’stadt incorporation trial continued

G’stadt incorporation trial continued


Jurisdictional hearings for the Gluckstadt incorporation effort have been continued until March 26 following four straight trial days in Madison County Chancery Court.

The hearings were initially expected to finish on Wednesday, with Chancellor James Walker issuing a ruling, but more time is needed.

The jurisdictional hearing will determine if the incorporators successfully received signatures from two-thirds of qualified electors in the proposed area. If successful, phase II of the incorporation effort will be held and that's when sides will argue the merits of the case.

The hearings began last Monday but were recessed for two days and resumed on Thursday. Hearings continued until 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

If the incorporators are successful in this first phase of the effort, a five-week trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 6 where the merits of the case will be argued.

The proposed area includes the following eight neighborhoods: Germantown, Arrington, Ridgefield, Stone Creek, Panther Creek, Bradshaw Ridge, Bear Creek Crossing and Red Oak. Subdivisions not included are: Kemper Creek, Belle Terre, Deerfield, Harvey Crossing and Bainbridge, among others.

The proposed incorporation area is 11 square miles with an estimated population of 2,403, with 931 dwelling units and an assessed valuation of nearly $55 million.

Citizens for Gluckstadt has a website, www.gluckstadt.net with more about the procedure and impact on local residents.

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