Gluckstadt’s first K-9 officer now on patrol

Gluckstadt’s first K-9 officer now on patrol


The Gluckstadt Police Department presented their first K-9 officer, Boujee, to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen last Tuesday night. 

Gluckstadt Police Chief Barry Hale said the department officially received Boujee on Sep. 22, and officer Eric Huff is serving as the handler for the new K-9. 

“Boujee os a narcotics-only dog,” Hale said. “If we’re performing a traffic stop and there might be certain narcotics in the car, she’ll be able to detect them by smell. Officer Huff takes her everywhere, including home.” 

Hale said having a new K-9 officer is a big step for the department, especially with Gluckstadt still being a relatively new city. 

“It’s a milestone,” he said. “We’re very thankful to everyone who donated to help us purchase the dog, especially the Gluckstadt-Madison Business Alliance. Boujee ended up costing us over $12,000, and donations gave us a huge help. The GMBA raised $6,000 during their golf tournament this spring to help us.” 

GMBA ambassadors also got to meet Officer Boujee during their monthly luncheon on Oct. 10. The K-9’s badge number is 007 and is a Belgian Malinois.

Hale said he hopes to get at least two more K-9s in the future. 

“We want to thank the mayor and alderman for allowing us to have a K-9 since it’s such a huge game changer for us,” he said. “We plan on getting two or three more dogs, one of them being a dual-purpose dog. They’re a big law enforcement tool that helps save time and resources, and a K-9’s keen sense of smell might help officers find something they would otherwise miss.”  

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