Gluckstadt sets Firefighter Appreciation Week

Gluckstadt sets Firefighter Appreciation Week


GLUCKSTADT — A resolution declaring Feb. 20 - 24 Firefighter Appreciation Week was approved Tuesday night. 

Alderman Jayce Powell presented the resolution and called on the board to approve it. 

“We have an awesome group of firefighters,” Powell said. “You see them at community events, in neighborhoods helping with medical conditions, putting out fires, and even saving cats stuck in trees.” 

Powell said the Gluckstadt Fire Department does many other community service projects besides putting out fires and said they have been a great help to the people of Gluckstadt. 

“They love what they do, and saying they love and care about the City of Gluckstadt is an understatement,” Powell said. “We appreciate everything you do and the sacrifices you make. We have a resolution that the mayor and board of alderman declare the week of Feb. 20 - 24, 2023, as Firefighter Appreciation Week, whereas firefighters are essential to the health and safety of our community and are likely to be the first people to arrive at and assist an emergency, whether it’s a vehicle crash, structural fire, or a natural disaster.” 

“Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or someone’s birthday, there are men, women, and teenagers who are trained, equipped, and have a passion to put others’ safety before their own to help others who are in distress,” Powell said. “We encourage all citizens to show support and appreciation to our city, state and central firefighters and remember past firefighters who have dedicated their lives to preserve the safety of our community.” 

Mayor Walter Morrison thanked the GFD and expressed his thanks for always being there to help the community. 

“We have ribbon cuttings in this community all the time, and there is always a red shirt there,” Morrison said. “That’s not something they have to do, but they do it as a sign of support for the community. Thank you for all that you do for us.”

Powell made the motion to adopt the resolution, and Alderman Wesley Slay seconded it. The resolution passed unanimously. 

In other matters, the board: 

• Approved the adoption of Floodplain Management and Illicit Discharge ordinances. 

• Approved the adoption of International Fire Code and Appendices ordinances. 

• Approved the hiring and Oath of Office of new Fire Marshal Dustin Perry and the enforcement of Gluckstadt Fire Codes. 

• Approved a Mid-Fiscal Year Budget Amendment to increase the yearly city budget to $3,695,000. 

• Approved a conditional use permit for Stucky Mine. 

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