Gluckstadt incorporation papers filed with court

Gluckstadt incorporation papers filed with court


A formal filing on Tuesday could result in Gluckstadt being Madison County's fifth municipality after at least two failed attempts.

A petition was filed with Madison County Chancery Court on Tuesday after about 1,250 signatures to begin the official incorporation process were gathered.

Walter C. Morrison IV, identified as mayor on the petition, said it's been a long and arduous process.

"It's failed twice and finally I think there was enough interest and enough effort behind it to finally get it done," he said.

Morrison said so many people put in time and effort on the process.

"Looks like we're on our way," he said.

The proposed area includes the following eight neighborhoods: Germantown, Arrington, Ridgefield, Stone Creek, Panther Creek, Bradshaw Ridge, Bear Creek Crossing and Red Oak.

Subdivisions not included are: Kemper Creek, Belle Terre, Deerfield, Harvey Crossing and Bainbridge, among others.

The area is 11 square miles with an estimated population of 2,403. There are 931 dwelling units and an assessed value nearly $55 million.

Kerry Minninger, whose family roots in the area trace back 100 years, has been a part of the incorporation process for decades now and is excited about the possibility of seeing Gluckstadt become a city in the near future.

Minninger said it's been difficult because of the growth in the area and this attempt they had a different approach.

"Because Gluckstadt was developing so quickly we'd go through one subdivision and before we'd get through we had to start over," he said.

He said questions are asked about why some subdivisions and neighborhoods are included and others aren't.

"Any subdivision that wasn't completely built out, the planner suggested we didn't include them," Minninger said. "It was a moving target we never could hit."

Both the city of Canton and city of Madison will be served notice and the Gluckstadt petitioners will have to go about with a series of posting and notice requirements.

Individuals who object to the proposed incorporation will have an opportunity to voice their objection before the matter results in a hearing in Chancery Court.

Morrison said it is likely going to be this summer before they have an idea of a good timeline.

"Once we know what the opposition is, if any we face, then the court begins to set scheduling deadlines for discovery and ultimately for a trial or hearing," he said.

The initial aldermen identified on the petition include: Jayce Powell, Miya Evan Warfield, Krisstel Pereira Hunt, Stephen Snell, and Lisa Williams.

Williams spent countless hours gathering signatures and said she met so many wonderful people along the way.

"Being chosen an alderwoman over a year ago to help from ground level is an honor," she said. "My desire is to work hard to help the vision be achieved then with the court's blessing be a part of the future and success."

Williams said the next step with be a lengthy, costly step and they are taking donations at any BankPlus under the "Citizens for Gluckstadt" account.

Last month the Canton Mayor Board of Aldermen passed an annexation proposal that includes a portion of the proposed Gluckstadt territory that includes two Mac Haik dealerships in the process of being built. Other commercial businesses encompass the area.

Citizens for Gluckstadt has a website, with more about the procedure and impact on local residents.

Gluckstadt began as a community of German farmers on June17, 1905, when Henry Klaas, John Kehle, Valentine Fitsch, Peter Schmidt and Joseph Weilandt, German descendants from Klaasville, Ind., purchased farmland, eventually changing the name to Gluckstadt, or "lucky city."

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