Gluckstadt inches closer to city status

Gluckstadt inches closer to city status


A five-week trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 6 to determine whether or not Gluckstadt is allowed to incorporate and become Madison County's fifth municipality after incorporators successfully won the jurisdictional hearings last week.

Chancellor James Walker on Thursday ruled that the incorporators met the burden of proof by providing signatures from two-thirds of qualified electors in the proposed area.

"Gluckstadt prevailed on this portion of the trial, which means we can move forward with the rest of the case in August," John Scanlon, an attorney for the incorporators, said. "That portion will be consolidated with Canton's annexation."

The jurisdictional hearings began at the end of February and were continued twice until sides concluded their case last week.

The next phase of the incorporation effort will be based on the merits of the case.

The proposed area includes the following eight neighborhoods: Germantown, Arrington, Ridgefield, Stone Creek, Panther Creek, Bradshaw Ridge, Bear Creek Crossing and Red Oak. Subdivisions not included are: Kemper Creek, Belle Terre, Deerfield, Harvey Crossing and Bainbridge, among others.

The proposed incorporation area is 11 square miles with an estimated population of 2,403, with 931 dwelling units and an assessed valuation of nearly $55 million.

Combined with the incorporation effort is an attempt by Canton to annex several square miles, including portions south to Gluckstadt.

The incorporation and annexation overlap to include property down Calhoun Station Parkway that take in the two Mac Haik car dealerships and Callaway's Yard & Garden's Gluckstadt location, among other businesses.

Canton's annexation plan includes five areas that run north, west and south of the current city limits.

Area 1 is located north of the city and includes homes on streets such as Jody Drive, Davis Avenue, Wayne Drive, and Johnson Drive.

Area 2 is sandwiched between existing city property and takes in West Side Drive and part of Third Avenue.

Area 3 is located west of the Nissan Plant and I-55 from Hard Times Road south up to Nose Road north.

Area 4 is located east if I-55 and south of the Nissan Plant.

Area 5 is located west of I-55 down Calhoun Station Parkway from Church Road to what would be even with Kehle Road.

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