GETTING THE MESSAGE/The wonder of Christ’s love

GETTING THE MESSAGE/The wonder of Christ’s love


The Song of Songs presents to us the infinite depths of the love Christ has for His people whom He redeems by His own life. In this section of the book, the glory of King Solomon and the blessedness of his bride are used to depict the believer’s blessedness in Christ.

In Song of Songs 3:6, we looked at how the emergence of Solomon from the wilderness points to Christ’s appearance in this world to seek and obtain His bride, the people He would redeem by His blood. Now in verse 7 we read, “Behold, it is the carriage of Solomon!” The litter or carriage of Solomon contains Solomon and his bride.  The great Solomon was something to behold.

Solomon was a type of Christ in several ways. First, by his wisdom. Solomon was said to be the wisest man on earth. But he was not as wise as Christ Jesus. Jesus rebuked the crowds for not listening to what He was saying to them. He said, “The Queen of Sheba traveled far to hear the wisdom of Solomon. Behold, one greater than Solomon is here.”

Solomon’s name signifies peace. He was the only king of Israel who had peace in his reign. His kingdom was rich and powerful.  But Christ is the Prince of Peace. He brings to sinners the riches of God by taking away the offense of sin and making peace. The apostle Paul said, “Christ is our peace.”

Solomon built the magnificent temple of God, a massive, beautiful work. The carriage of Solomon was carrying his bride back to his throne and to the temple of God. The Lord Jesus compares His church with the building of the temple. Christ is the foundation, and all the stones of His house are built upon Him.

Peter tells Christians that we are living stones being built into a spiritual house. Just as every stone for Solomon’s temple had to be extracted from the ground and fitted for the temple, so Christ calls His people who were embedded in the fallen world and forms them so that they are fit to belong to His house. It is called Christ’s house because He builds it.

It is also called His house because all who belong to Him are His family. He calls the disciples His brothers. He also said, “Who are my mothers, sisters, and brothers? Those who do the will of my Father in heaven.” We do the will of the Father when we do things in the name of Christ.

You see the wonders of belonging to Christ. He calls you His own. We know that the love of Christ and the love of the world cannot dwell together. He came to redeem sinners out of the world. You cannot know God but by leaving the sinful corruption of the world, meaning the vanity, greed, lustfulness, self-centeredness, and all manner of sin that brings the wrath of God upon this world. 

The journey of faith through this world is not easy. Jesus compares it to a narrow road that few will walk. God gives us His word to aid us. Verses 7- 8 depicts Solomon’s carriage surrounded by mighty men with swords to protect it. The old commentators saw this as a picture of Christ protecting His church by the preaching and teaching of His word. 

Charles Spurgeon said of it: “God has been pleased to commit unto men the ministry of Christ. Not that they have power of themselves to do anything, but by his grace he works through his word to protect his bride and the bridegroom.” Spurgeon said it means that believers must sit under the right preaching of the word of God and must listen and apply it to persevere in the faith. It also means that Christ would work through His word to uphold you no matter what you face in this world. So, it is a double- edged sword; if you don’t listen you will fall, but if you do, you will find help in Christ.

All this is to convince us of the wonder of Christ’s love. He knew the sinfulness of man, all the perverseness and corruption in heart and deed, yet He fixed His love upon man, in such a way that He was willing to take that iniquity upon Himself. In view of such a salvation, it is important that we humble ourselves. God honors His justice. You can’t stand on your worthiness. You must seek the Lord in His mercy.  It is the poor in spirit who will run to see Christ.

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