Fundraising letter insinuates Madison is ‘Sanctuary City’


Some Madison residents have received a letter in the mail from a non-profit called Secure America Now warning Madison may be declared a sanctuary city and encouraging recipients to send money to keep that from happening, but the mayor says that isn’t so.

Secure America Now, which refers to its organization as the largest national security digital platform in the nation, states its mission is “to bring security issues to the forefront of the American debate.”

Reports of this fund-raising letter from the organization have been reported circulating in other areas of the country since at least 2017.

Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler said city officials are aware of the letter and have reported it to the proper authorities. 

“The letter insinuates that we are on our way to becoming a sanctuary city, which is not true at all. Madison is not and will never be a sanctuary city as long as I am mayor,” she said. 

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