Potency of marijuana issue with House as bill heads back to the Senate

Potency of marijuana issue with House as bill heads back to the Senate


Rep. Jill Ford had hoped her proposed medical marijuana bill would have gotten some consideration. It did not.

Instead, the Mississippi House passed SB 2095 late Wednesday with three small, but important changes.

The measure was approved by a 104-14 vote. Ford, a Republican from Madison, was one of the no votes.

Ford on Thursday said her bill would have taken medical marijuana on a slower path than the Senate bill. Ford also wished her bill could have gotten a fairer shake from her fellow House members.

“I was hopeful it would have a chance,” Ford said Thursday. “I could not even find a copy of it on the internet. The House did go ahead and pass the Senate bill Wednesday night.”

“The Senate bill was a fast approach, I thought. I’m for medicinal marijuana, but I wanted to go in a slower gear. I felt mine provided for a true medicinal marijuana program. Still, I’m proud of what we're doing in Mississippi.

“We have more dollars available to us and we have a new flag. Things are really going great for our state,” Ford said.

The three small changes the House made before taking a final vote on SB 2095, included reducing the potency of the marijuana for treatment from 3.5 grams to 3.0. It had been as high as 5.

Gov. Tate Reeves had come out against much of the original legislation but the 3.0 number that was approved Wednesday was closer in line to his call for a 2.8 level.

The two other changes were to eliminate the Mississippi Department of Agriculture from having a role in how the provision goes forward.

The House also amended for local municipalities and county's an opt out provision.

The bill now heads back to the Senate where it will consider the bill with the changes.

“I still have some issues with it, but goes back to Senate,” Ford said. “I think they may just concur with the House and then send it to the governor. Honestly, though, you never know with these things.”

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