Firefighters promoted to lieutenant

Firefighters promoted to lieutenant


Two firefighters recently promoted to lieutenant said they are driven to learn more about the job and teach others what they can along the way.

Payton Price and Justin Lenard were recently promoted to lieutenant at their pinning ceremony at Gluckstadt City Hall on June 24, Capt. Dustin Perry said.

“We are extremely proud of these two young men,” Perry said. “This is the beginning of a great career where they will mentor many young firemen. I hope the best for them.”

Lenard said the job set him on a path in life he is proud of. Originally from Pickens, he said he found GFD while working out in the area.

“I saw one of the guys at the gym and started asking him about what they do,” Lenard said. “A few days later, I put in an application.”

Lenard said he likes the “random” aspect of the job.

“You never know what kind of call could come in,” Lenard said.

He said it had harnessed a positive aspect of his “adrenaline junky” nature that may have otherwise led him to a tough spot in life.

“The calls are exciting, but they are meaningful,” Lenard said. “it gives me a good reason to stay in the gym and stay prepared.”

Both men said they were driven to achieve higher ranks and further their professional education when they saw the many opportunities available.

“There are aspects of the job I am learning about now that I may have not known existed even two years ago,” Price said. “The job is very dynamic.”

Price has been a firefighter for about five years. The Vicksburg native started his career in Natchez five years ago after serving in the United States Marine Corps. 

“I tried college, but I knew I wanted to serve,” Price said.

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