Epic Donuts features unique toppings

Epic Donuts features unique toppings


GLUCKSTADT — Specialty donuts like Orange Crush with gummy orange slices and Sleepy Time donuts with honey Teddy Grahams are available at the Lucky City’s newest donut shop.  

Epic Donuts had a soft opening on Nov. 14 and plans to open fully during the first week of December. Epic Donuts also shares its shop space with Stone Ground Coffee House, both owned by Dale Stone. 

“From the street view we look like two separate shops, but when you come inside it’s all one space,” Stone said. You’ve got donuts on the right side and coffee to the left, so you can get your donut and then your coffee after that. It’s all one big business.”

Stone said opening the shop took a lot longer than he anticipated, due to getting proper equipment during the pandemic to build the store, but he said they still made it happen with great contractors and overwhelming support from the people of Gluckstadt. 

“We only get one opening, so we wanted to make sure we got it right,” Stone said. “We’ve been methodically and cautiously taking each step to make sure we don’t trip and fall. We’ve had great support from the community and people have been anxious for us to open. It’s been a great learning experience.”

The main attraction of Epic Donuts is the weekly rotating menu, with new and unique donut flavors being featured to keep the options fresh and exciting. The shop features indoor and outdoor seating with a large closed-in room people can use for meetings or birthday parties and where kids can decorate their own donuts. 

“We offer your typical donuts like glazed, cake donuts, donut holes, maple bars, and filled donuts,” Stone said. “Our specialty craft donuts have many options, and it’s just too many to list. A few examples are the Reese’s donut, Oreo donut, dirt cake donut with gummy works, fruit loop donuts, our Sleepy Time donut with honey Teddy Grahams, and an Orange Crush donut with gummy orange slices on top.”

Stone added that the baristas and staff on duty at Epic Donuts take part in creating new craft donut flavors and plan on creating multiple new flavors each week for people to try. 

“We’ve even had other local donut shops come in and see what we have,” he said. 

Along with Epic Donuts, Stone Ground Coffee House offers a wide variety of drinks to go with their donuts, including iced and hot drinks, lattes, cold brews, mochas, and cappuccinos, all available in multiple flavors. 

Stone said he also sells Italian sodas and Lotus energy drinks, which are all-natural plant-based drinks made with green coffee beans which come in five different flavors. 

“The Lotus drinks can be mixed with any syrup the client wants, and we then mix it with carbonated water,” Stone said. “All of our coffee is roasted in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest.”

Epic Donuts and Stone Ground Coffee House are located at Gluckstadt Park next to Sugar Daze Dessert Shop and Pot and Paddle Jambalaya Kitchen. They are open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

For more information, call them at (601) 790-7280 and check out their Facebook page, or visit their website at www.epicdonuts.com. 

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