EDITORIAL/The city of Gluckstadt

EDITORIAL/The city of Gluckstadt


Gluckstadt will finally become a city after a judge ruled in favor of the eager, highly-motivated and deserving residents who have been in this years-long fight.

And as if we need any further proof, the Citizens for Gluckstadt Facebook page administrators have announced they will be transitioning to a new city page!

Lots of hard work and enormous effort have gone into making the city of Gluckstadt a reality.

Of course, there is a small chance the city of Canton will appeal, but that would risk the judge throwing the book at them and losing what they got in the ruling.

"Congrats! Won't be any more gas stations in Gluckstadt now!!" Brian Carmody wrote on the page.

The ruling doesn't change school districts, but it gives residents in one of the fastest-growing areas of our county some say in their future, a fundamental principle of the U.S. Constitution.

No one has worked harder than John P. Scanlon, the attorney representing the residents, although he would never take the credit.

"Overall, our clients are pleased with the court's opinion and decision, and we all look forward to beginning the new city of Gluckstadt so that the residents there may begin seeing an improvement in services they receive for an area that has for quite some time been booming in growth," Scanlon said.

Barring any appeal, Gluckstadt could hold its first city meeting to adopt a tax levy, hire employees, and conduct city business as early as May.

"Nothing worthwhile comes easy," wrote Dan Artman on the citizens' page. "Congratulation to the incorporation team on their victory for the Citizens for Gluckstadt."

Mr. Artman is right, governing is not easy. Government by the people and for the people is messy, and Gluckstadt is sure to have some bumps in the road, — hopefully not too many potholes — but the future is bright.

Here's to Gluckstadt, our new lucky city!

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