EDITORIAL/ Santa's Husband?

EDITORIAL/ Santa's Husband?


The Ridgeland Public Library is at it again openly promoting homosexuality in prominent book displays, this time a children’s book about gay Santa and his equally jolly husband.

A “Queer Bible” book display in February caused an uproar as parents and citizens protested taxpayer-funded political activism. 

Gay activists who called themselves “Furries” raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in private funds in protest but a compromise was worked out with the city of Ridgeland that initially had shown they were operating under an expired contract.

Library representatives and political activists accused Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee of improperly withholding the taxpayer funding from the library and banning books, but the mayor insisted it was the prominent display of politically controversial books that concerned officials. Speakers at a public forum were roughly split 50-50 on the issue. 

Supporters of the library included MCLS Director Tonja Johnson and Teresa Gerald with Friends of the Ridgeland Library. Chris Hinkle of Ridgeland asked McGee directly if he he was trying to ban or censor books.

“No,” McGee replied both times. Hinkle then clarified that the issue at hand was the display of certain books at a prominent place in the library.

No one ever endorsed banning books. The issue was the prominent public display of the Queer Bible.

“We understand that there are lots of books on the library shelves that may have content we may be opposed to but the display of those books makes a political statement,”

McGee had said about the display. Make no mistake, the Ridgeland Public Library staff is pushing a homosexual agenda and their political activism must end, particularly when it comes to influencing children so directly. What is going on in Madison County?

And who is appointing these library trustees who are hiring activitist staffers in our libraries?

The Ridgeland Library is run under a county system appointed by the Board of Supervisors and the cities. 

The library board appointees are, according to mclsms.org:

District 1

Penni Davis, president

District 2

Arma Harper, secretary

District 3

Connie Machado, vice president

District 4

Shirley Washington

District 5

Shirley Ann Sanders

City of Canton

Rene Johnson

Town of Flora

Jerry Valdez

City of Madison

Jean Garrett

City of Ridgeland

Lana Odom

Reach them all at board@mcls.ms and let them know we want sex and politics out of our public libraries in Madison County. In Virginia public schools, little boys are allowed in the little girls' bathroom if the little boys identify as female. A ninth-grade girl was attacked by a 15-year-old male in Lowden County last year.

The “gender-fluid” male perpetrator, who was wearing a skirt at the time, sodomized the girl in a bathroom. So a woman in a cat costume who insists she is a cat is normal? And these same people’s friends will insist the human be addressed as a cat?

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