Crumbl Cookies certified as test store

Crumbl Cookies certified as test store


MADISON — Crumbl Cookies here recently became a certified testing store, and residents can now sample new and experimental cookie flavors every week. 

Crumbl Cookies came to Madison about a year ago at Suite 120 at Colony Crossing and prides itself in a weekly rotation of new menu items with their famous pink box of gourmet cookies. 

As the Crumbl Cookies corporate research and development team develops new and exciting cookie flavors, they are tested in various markets across the country. 

Madison’s Crumbl Cookies location recently became an official testing store to receive feedback on these experimental cookie creations. 

Jen Norton, general manager at the Madison Crumbl Cookies, said she is excited about the store becoming a testing location. 

“I am hoping this will bring in new and returning customers each Wednesday, as this is the day the new testing flavor will be available,” Norton said. “Just like our weekly flavors, the testing flavor will change each week.” 

This now means people in Madison can get a sneak peek at these new flavors and provide their opinions using the Taste Testing Program every week. 

Norton said to be a tester for the new flavors, all you have to do is come into the store on Wednesday and ask to purchase the current testing cookie. You will then be given a QR code to scan that will lead to the cookie survey, which Norton says is a simple and quick way to provide your thoughts on the flavor. 

While Crumbl cannot provide these new testing flavors publicly, Norton said she can promise these new cookies will be absolutely delicious. 

Norton said she loves working for Crumbl Cookies and that it is her dream job. 

“There is nowhere I would rather work,” Norton said. “The crew culture and community involvement are my favorite parts. The cookies are delicious and our weekly lineups offer a variety of flavors, so we will have something for everyone.”

“We are actively involved with many schools in Madison County as well as some non-profit organizations,” she said. “We are always looking for more ways to be involved and give back.” 

Madison's Crumbl Cookies is now part of a vast range of testing locations all across the country. 

For more information about Crumbl Cookies and the Taste Testing program, call the store at (601) 401-0316, and download the Crumbl app to explore new flavors coming to the shop.

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