City unable to get post office, own zip code for now

City unable to get post office, own zip code for now


Plans for a new Post Office with a Gluckstadt zip code will have to wait at least a decade, according to the U.S. Postal Service. 

The USPS sent Gluckstadt officials a letter in late August, that was shared with aldermen in September saying that creating a new zip code boundary for the city is cost-prohibitive. 

“From an economic and operational standpoint, honoring this request is not feasible at this time,” June Martindale, district manager for USPS in Washington, D.C., said in the letter. “The movement of full or partial delivery routes would require the creation of new routes, special route inspections, and the additional cost in operations of implementing these changes, thereby, adding significant cost to maintain delivery of the mail at a time when we have no existing delivery problems.”

In the letter, Martindale explained that while they understand the identities of local communities, the zip code system is “used for mail delivery, not generating revenue or setting up jurisdictional boundaries.”

As an alternative, USPS offered to allow residents to change the naming from Madison, MS 39110 to Gluckstadt, MS 39110.

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