Chinese restaurant serves up classics

Chinese restaurant serves up classics


Chef Song Zhenz has received many compliments since opening a new Chinese restaurant in Gluckstadt a month ago.

“I want to know the customers so I can know how we can improve,” Zhenz said. “Most people have said our food is delicious.”

Wok Won Chinese Restaurant is located at 102 Dees Drive Building 100 Suite C in Gluckstadt. 

Originally from China, Zhenz lives in Ridgeland where he has been for about 2.5 years after moving to the United States about seven and a half years ago.

He has more than seven years of experience in the restaurant industry including time working for hibachi and sushi restaurants and buffets.

“I wanted to be a chef,” Zhenz said with a smile as he looked over the small dining room in his own restaurant full of happy customers.

Zhenz said their General Tso’s chicken, sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken have been popular menu items but said his favorite is their Korean chicken.

“Every day we have a new customer,” Zhenz said. “I think we have received a good reaction.”

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