Celebrating 25 years in business

Celebrating 25 years in business


With 50 years of marriage and 25 years in business together under their belt, Michael and Debra Gallaway say the secret success in both is “laughter.”

“Our mission is to make people smile and have a good day,” Michael said.

The Gallaways own Printables and More at 101 First Choice Drive Suite B in Gluckstadt. In February, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and marked their 25th year in business together.

Debra said they started in the gas station on Jackson Street just off the interstate in Ridgeland in 2000. Rather than give an address they would usually describe it as “in front of pump eight.”

Since then they have grown their printing business and specialize in a variety of printing and advertising options. Debra said they like to bring a personal touch and get to know their customers. The two are not shy about letting their personalities loose on their website either.

“Most people say they came in because they saw our website and it looked like we were having fun,” Debra said.

The couple has worked with several local clients, many of whom were there from their days in Ridgeland. They have also worked with several film productions in Canton. Specifically, they helped create signage and a mock newspaper for the Morgan Freeman noir thriller “The Minute You Wake Up Dead,” which was filmed in Canton in February 2022.

“I was on a wanted poster,” Michael said with a chuckle.

Before going into business together, Debra had a career as a legal secretary and Michael had worked several jobs from managing hotels and restaurants to being a handyman and several other jobs.

Debra said with Printables and More they have found a job they are not sure they can leave.

“I don't know that we can ever think about retiring,” she said.”We love what we do and we love seeing our customers.”

For more information, go to printablesandmore.com.

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