Business Alliance holds luncheon

Business Alliance holds luncheon


The Gluckstadt Madison Business Alliance held their first-ever Celebration Luncheon to recognize local businesses and citizens for their contribution to the Lucky City. 

The luncheon was held Tuesday afternoon at The Station in Gluckstadt.

Elizabeth Tyler, executive director of the Gluckstadt- Madison Business Alliance, said the luncheon celebrates the city, business officials, and volunteers who made outstanding contributions, and that the Gluckstadt-Madison Business Alliance could not exist without dedicated volunteers. 

“We’ve had such an exciting first 10 months and there is more to come,” Tyler said. “I’m grateful to the mayor and board of aldermen for partnering with us to fulfill our mission to support businesses.”

Multiple local business representatives were recognized and received awards, and Gluckstadt Mayor Walter Morrison served as the guest speaker.

Sullivan’s Marketplace won Business of the Year for their contribution to the city of Gluckstadt and was recognized for their aid in donating water to Jackson during the water crisis last August. 

Michael Petyak of Oakmont Financial Partners won Ambassador of the Year, and Kerry Minninger received the Citizen of the Year Award. 

Top 10 Under 40 recipients included City Clerk Lindsay Kellum, Lee Hutchinson of MS Tent, Peyton Brown of Cadence Bank, Melanie Greer of EXIT Realty Legacy Group, Jeanie Robinson of Lagniappe Gifts, Trisha Patel of Signature Smiles of Gluckstadt, Houston Cottrell of Gracie Jiu Jitsu Madison, Meghan Petyak of Vertical Church, Austin LaSource of It’s Vinyl Ya’ll, and Spencer Mills of URGIVET Animal Clinic. 

Morrison said he wanted to thank everyone who came to the luncheon and for contributing to the city. 

“None of us would be here without you,” Morrison said. 

Morrison said all the Gluckstadt city officials, especially the alderman, have been a joy to work with. 

“There have been times we’ve disagreed, but it has only been a few and when we did disagree, we did it with class, dignity, and respect for each other,” he said. “They wanted to see this city thrive and grow and be something we can all be proud of.” 

Morrison recognized the work of Lindsay Kellum at City Hall and the ever-expanding Gluckstadt Police Department, which makes up most of the city employees. 

“These folks are not working for the City of Gluckstadt because they’re trying to get wealthy,” Morrison said. “They are working for this city because it’s a passion, they love the challenge, and they love what they do.” 

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