Board considering helping to fund roadway projects

Board considering helping to fund roadway projects


Aldermen are considering their options in funding two large MDOT road projects in Gluckstadt that involve widening a portion of Gluckstadt Road and a maintenance overlay of Calhoun Station Pkwy. 

Mayor Walter Morrison said due to the high cost of the projects, the city will have to look into grants from the Mississippi Department of Transportation. 

To add a through lane on a portion of Gluckstadt Road, the mayor and board will need to consider approving a 50 percent grant match with MDOT in the amount of about $5 million. 

The project will involve geometric improvements to the signalized intersections of Gluckstadt Road with Calhoun Station Parkway / Dees Way and Distribution Drive. 

These improvements will include an addition of a westbound thru lane on Gluckstadt Road from the Interstate 55 southbound ramp to about 3,500 feet west, traffic signal and street lighting modifications, the relocation of an existing box culvert and drainage channel, and the removal and replacement of concrete driveways, sure and gutter, draining inlets and pipe. 

“To help offset that cost, we’re working on other options such as going to the Legislature to ask for help,” Morrison said. 

Gluckstadt’s match would be higher for the project since federal grant monies cannot pay for environmental, initial design, utility relocation, or right-of-way acquisition. The funds can only be used for construction engineering and constriction of the project itself. 

Morrison said for the Calhoun Station Parkway maintenance overlay, the project is a little different since it will be shared partially with the city of Canton. 

“This project would cost the city around $275,000, and the city of Canton around $262,0000,” he said. 

The maintenance overlay of Calhoun Station would require the alderman to obligate about $275,000 for their portion of the project, and due to the project being shared by the city of Canton, Canton would be required to pay around $262,000. 

If selected, MDOT would provide an estimated amount of $1.5 million in federal funds for the project. 

“In order to apply for certain grants, we have to make some representation to MDOT,” Morrison said.

Morrison said there will likely be more information regarding the MDOT grants to vote on by the next alderman meeting in November. 

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