Bear Creek offers tips on conserving water

Bear Creek offers tips on conserving water


The Bear Creek Water Association is advising customers to be aware of water usage due to the recent lack of rain and high temperatures. 

Bear Creek General Manager Nolan Williamson said he is not asking customers to stop using water, but that they should be aware of their water usage when doing things like watering their lawns. 

“When people use more water while doing things like watering their yards, our water wells go up,” Williamson said. “We all need to make sure we’re not overwatering and being wasteful. To be specific, make sure your sprinkler heads aren’t watering your driveway or the pavement, and if you’re watering your yard three days a week, see if you can cut it down to two days a week.” 

Williamson said relief usually comes after a week or two during a drought, but due to the lack of rain not bringing relief, recent high water usage can cause wear and tear on equipment. 

“We just want people to be mindful and only water when necessary,” Williamson said. “Any wear and tear on the system eventually comes back on the customer. Be aware and use water wisely. I know places like Madison and Florence have sent out similar alerts.”

Along with using less water on lawns, Bear Creek has various other water conservation tactics such as: 

• Using a water bucket and hose shut off when washing a vehicle.

• Using a blower or broom to clear debris from driveways and sidewalks.

• Repairing or redirecting sprinkler heads to avoid watering sidewalks and streets.

• Only running a dishwasher with a full load of dishes.

• Watering the lawn in the morning or late evening when there is less evaporation.

• Washing full loads of clothes only. 

• Using the short wash cycle on your washer if clothes are not heavily soiled.

• Turning the water off while brushing teeth. 

• Taking shorter showers and only using a necessary amount of water. 

• Never using the toilet to dispose of trash.

• Replacing a showerhead with a more water efficient model.

• Fixing leaky toilets, drippy faucets and other water wasters.

• Not leave the water running when not in use.

• Dry scraping dishes instead of rinsing. 

• Choose native grasses and plants that require less water when planting. 

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