$360K board room remodel rescinded

$360K board room remodel rescinded


County supervisors on Monday backtracked on a plan to spend $360,000 to remodel their meeting room after a supervisor reiterated concerns about spending that much money to add a few audio-visual screens. 

District 1 Supervisor Casey Brannon said that even though having functional presentation screens would be nice, it “comes along with a complete remodel of this room.”

In April, supervisors voted to spend $360,500 in a 3-2 vote to “upgrade” the board’s meeting room. 

The architect estimated $165,000 for general construction for labor and material, $90,000 for the A/V equipment, $55,000 for electrical work, $5,000 for HVAC work, $10,000 for contingency, and $43,000 for furniture. 

The estimated furniture budget for labor and installation was for 30 new guest chairs with arms and upholstered seats/backs and 11 new executive task chairs, fully upholstered with high backs. This results in a cost average estimate of approximately $1,050 per chair.

Brannon and District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter voted against the remodel, arguing there is a better use of the taxpayer money than to completely remodel a room and add new furniture for some presentation screens. 

On Monday, Brannon said the various boards that meet in the room have been able to conduct business without “fancy screens.”

Brannon said if the board voted to approve the contract he would make sure the screens would be used, “much to the detriment” of others as it would add time to the meetings. 

“Casey is going to make them use it every single chance he gets,” he said. 

He then made a motion to deny the contract and “suffer through our current boardroom.”

Baxter seconded the motion, which then passed 4-1, with Board President Gerald Steen the lone no vote. Steen initially made a substitute motion to approve the contract, but it failed for lack of a second.

“This is part of the improvements of Madison County,” Steen said. 

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