2 new officers join Gluckstadt Police

2 new officers join Gluckstadt Police


GLUCKSTADT The Lucky City continues to expand its police force by swearing in two more new officers Tuesday night. 

Gluckstadt Police Chief Wendell Watts introduced the two officers, Wesley Flint and Patricia Williams. 

“Wesley and Patricia both worked with the Jackson Police Department,” Watts said. “Wesley also worked with the Pearl Police Department and Patricia has worked with the Hinds Sheriff’s Department. Both of them have over 20 years of experience.” 

Watts said Flint has a background in traffic enforcement in his time with the Pearl Police Department, and said that is the kind of work Flint will focus on with the GPD. 

“We hope with Wesley’s help we can get some of the traffic congestion down,” Watts said. “We’re hoping to get some of the violators who are trying to get around people following the speed limit, and we’re trying to slow that down a bit so the accidents will go down. Patricia brings patrol experience along with investigational skills and she is also helping in the courtroom. We’re utilizing her in several different ways.” 

Watts added the department has written 166 tickets, made 12 misdemeanor arrests, two felony arrests, one DUI, and recovered four firearms. 

“We’ve also had $5,478 taken into the Municipal Court fines for the month,” Watts said. “I’m also letting my guys do a lot more and I want them to be as invested as I am.” 

In other matters, the mayor and board: 

•Unanimously approved the adoption of a Special Events Ordinance. 

•Unanimously approved the adoption of a Security Camera Ordinance. 

•Unanimously approved a Crime Stoppers Ordinance with a $2 ticket fee. 

•Unanimously approved the adoption of a Kratom Ordinance. 

•Unanimously approved the adoption of an Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance. 

•Unanimously approved the adoption of an alternative Nicotine Products Ordinance. 

•Unanimously approved the revision for a site plan for the Tate Office Building. 

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