DUNCAN/The call to enter the kingdom, Part 2: False prophets

Please turn in your Bible to Matthew 7:15-23.  In this passage, we are going to see where Jesus warns us that there will be people who claim to be preaching about His kingdom, but who in fact are preaching falsehood. 

GETTING THE MESSAGE/Conversion is God’s work

Paul and his mission team had been directed by the Lord to take the gospel to Macedonia, so obediently, they crossed the Aegean Sea and eventually arrived in Philippi (Acts 16: 1-2).

James Harrison ‘Jim’ Jones

James Harrison "Jim" Jones, Jr., 67, of Madison, Mississippi, passed away Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at St. Dominic Medical Center due to complications from Covid. 

EDITORIAL/Restore law and order­

A separate judicial district in the heart of Jackson that is tough on crime along with more state police on patrol to arrest criminals are ways to combat the rising and record crime that we in the suburbs will not escape forever.

DUNCAN/The call to enter the kingdom, Part 1: The narrow way

Please turn in your Bible to Matthew 7:13-14.  In these verses, Jesus contrasts two ways: a broad way, and a narrow way. 

GETTING THE MESSAGE/Ungodliness leads to apostasy

Jeremiah chapter 2 is a legal indictment from the Lord toward Israel. The Lord sends the prophet Jeremiah to Jerusalem to make his case against Israel, his covenant people. The charge is that Israel has become an ungodly nation. They have rejected the living God.

BUCHANAN/Does the Left own the future?

Before he appeared at his first solo news conference of 2022, President Joe Biden knew he had a communications problem he had to deal with.

LOWRY/Could DeSantis beat Trump?

It was only a matter of time before Ron DeSantis’ rising star ran into the unmovable object of Donald Trump’s will to continue to dominate the GOP.

DUNCAN/The justice of the kingdom, Part 4: The golden rule

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 7:12. Here Jesus begins to speak to us about His general rule for how we are to relate to all men. We come to the passage which is known as the Golden Rule.


In Acts 16 Paul is on his second mission trip. His desire is to revisit the churches he helped establish on his first trip.

BUCHANAN/Where does NATO end?

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Warsaw Pact dissolved, the breakup of the USSR began. But the dissolution did not stop with the 14 Soviet “republics” declaring their independence of Moscow.

LOWRY/The left trashes the Constitution

The Constitution must be defended — except when it must be jettisoned.

DUNCAN/The justice of the kingdom, Part 2: Dog and swine

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 7:6. In this text the Lord Jesus says that though he has called us not to be hypercritical, he has not called us to be without discernment. 

GETTING THE MESSAGE/God as our dwelling place

As we begin the New Year, we are reminded in Psalm 90 of how quickly time passes and the need we have to make sure of our standing with God. Moses, who wrote the psalm, gives us facts about God and this world that clarify that need.

LOWRY/When does Trump get his apology?

The fullness of time, and now the omicron wave, have made it obvious how preposterous the chief lines of criticism against Donald Trump were during the pandemic.

DUNCAN/The justice of the kingdom, Part 1: To judge or not to judge?

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 7:1-5. Having addressed the issues of the Christian’s character, his influence,

GETTING THE MESSAGE/Jesus paid it all

Psalm 110:1 reads, “The Lord says to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.”

BUCHANAN/China is rival, not Russia

While all facts are true, not all facts are relevant.

BUCHANAN/A mighty China is rolling

As 1991 turned into 1992, America appeared to have arrived at the apogee of its national power and world prestige.

LOWRY/Never was a Republican death cult

Washington, D.C., is now the epicenter of the pandemic. 

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