Acts 18:1 begins, “Paul left Athens and went to Corinth.” Paul entered Corinth alone as he did in Athens. Corinth was a port city and thriving commercial center,

EDITORIALS/‘The Queer Bible’ agenda

When Ridgeland’s public library went all out with “The Queer Bible” promotion in an LGBTQ+ book display earlier this year there was understandably public outrage.

Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew 9:1-8.  We continue along the theme of Christ’s divine and supernatural power.  Matthew here has our focus directly on our Lord and Savior.  He is reminding us again of His power, His glory, His authority.

GETTING THE MESSAGE/Creation, redemption and the Judgment

In this passage (Acts 17), Paul is in Athens, Greece, after being driven out of Berea. Athens was the center of intellectual debate and philosophy. As Paul goes through the city, his spirit is provoked by the prevalence of idolatry (verse 16), so he begins to proclaim the gospel in the marketplace daily.

BUCHANAN/NATO, Russian clash

When Hungarian rebels arose in 1956 to overthrow the Communist regime imposed by Joseph Stalin, President Dwight Eisenhower refused to send U.S. forces to aid the Hungarians. 

LOWRY/Russia’s aggression

U.N. General Assembly resolutions feel good. Twitter hashtags are nice. Cutting off corporate services is better than the alternative. But the situation on the ground in Ukraine demonstrates that, at the end of the day, nothing is as helpful to the Ukraine national cause as Javelin missiles.

DUNCAN/Jesus casts out demons

Please turn in your Bible to Matthew 8:28-34. The whole of chapter 8 shows us the power of Christ. The first seventeen verses showing His power over bodily diseases; then, especially verses 23-27, showing His

GETTING THE MESSAGE/Christ paid it all, all to Him we owe

In Acts 17 the gospel begins to spread in Macedonia. Paul and Silas are undoubtedly still bruised and battered from the beating they received in Philippi, but they press on to the city of Thessalonica, the capital of Macedonia.

BUCHANAN/Will Putin nuke NATO?

From his principal avenues of attack on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin began this war with three strategic goals.

DUNCAN/Jesus controls the physical universe

Please turn in your Bible to Matthew 8:18-27.  It is here we see Jesus evidencing His control of the entire physical universe.

In the previous passage, Paul and Silas had been unjustly punished by the local authorities in Philippi. They had been beaten and thrown into prison. The next morning, the authorities sent police to the jailer with instructions to let them go (Acts 16:35).

LOWRY/A clash of civilizations

A clash of civilizations is upon us.

EDITORIAL/Gerrymandering Gerald

Democrats have been handed a second Madison County supervisor district out of the five, one that was previously split evenly so the best candidate could win regardless of race. But no more.

BUCHANAN/‘The President’s Man’

Whenever America is polarized, as it is today, people go back in memory and history to recall other times their nation was so divided.

LOWRY/Trudeau should give in to the truckers

The workers of the world should unite, so long as it isn’t against COVID-19 restrictions. In that event, they are hateful kooks who deserve whatever they get. 

DUNCAN/The call to enter the kingdom, Part 3: The two ways contrasted

Please turn in your Bible to Matthew 7:24-29, the conclusion of the great Sermon on the Mount.  The Lord Jesus is warning us against hearing without doing.

EDITORIAL/True medical marijuana

A strong medical marijuana bill is what many local and state leaders were demanding and we can only hope that’s what we have now that it’s law. 

Peyton Bradley “Brad” Goolsby

Peyton Bradley (Brad) Goolsby, 53 of Pelahatchie, MS passed away at St. Dominic Hospital on February 6, 2022.

Betty Jo Flowers Treppendahl

Betty Jo Flowers Treppendahl peacefully passed away at her home in Madison, Mississippi on February 2, 2022, at the age of 85. 

John Brice Caldwell, Jr.

John Brice Caldwell, Jr. of Madison, MS passed away on February 4, 2022 at St. Dominic Hospital. 

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