Was that a kangaroo in Madison?

Was that a kangaroo in Madison?


People began sharing pictures of a kangaroo on social media Wednesday that they said was on the west frontage road of I-55 near the Colony Park Monument.

To any doubters, Nick Walters of Ridgeland said it is true because he saw the kangaroo in the area just before 5 p.m. on Tuesday after he arrived back in town from a business trip to Georgia.

Walters said he had just taken a left turn off the frontage road onto Lake Castle Road on his way to Kroger when he saw what appeared to be a kangaroo headed the other way.

He said he first slowed down and turned around to see the animal when he saw a bunch of cars behind him with arms holding cell phones out of the windows.

He said he then saw the animal disappear “north into the woods.”

Walters said he was too stunned to get a picture of his own, but his first call was to his wife, Lisa Walters, who works for the city of Ridgeland.

“He said, ‘Look if you get any crazy calls about a kangaroo, they are true,’” Lisa said.

Turns out the kangaroo named Rocky is 2 years old and belongs to child psychologist Alyssa Killebrew who said the kangaroo got loose Tuesday after a child visited and did not secure the enclosure.

Kellebrew eventaully found Rocky near I-55 in Madison and has since taken him to the family’s farm in Flora.

Since Rocky's escapade, people have shared pictures of him in areas around Madison County in multiple posts in various Facebook groups.

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