The city of Gluckstadt is official as of today

The city of Gluckstadt is official as of today


The city of Gluckstadt is official as of today, Sunday, June 6, according to the Citizens for Gluckstadt Facebook page

The City Charter was received from the Mississippi Secretary of State on Friday, May 28 and became effective today, officials said, the final step in the incorporation effort that began in March 2016.

Gluckstadt Mayor Walter Morrison will announce the first official public meeting and location soon, officials said.

“The first meeting will be in June with ample public notice to all citizens, officials who would like to attend,” they said.

At that meeting, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen will be sworn in and sign their oaths before proceeding with the announced agenda and meeting.

Morrison and five aldermen — Miya Warfield-Bates, John Taylor, Jayce Powell, Wesley Slay and Lisa Williams — will be sworn in.

“Citizens and guests should expect the first several meetings to be lengthy as there are required actions to be taken by the city board with the direction of the legal team and planners,” officials said.

“The Mayor and Board of Alderman, along with the supporters of the new city of Gluckstadt would like to thank the Attorneys Jerry Mills, John Scanlon, Office Secretary Missy Huddleston of Law Firm Mills, Scanlon, Dye & Pittman, along with Urban and Planning Developers Chris Watson and Tim Youngblood of Bridge & Watson (Oxford).

“This Incorporation has happened with the help of many volunteers, years of dedication and hard work with too many delays, a fabulous legal staff and planners who have been with us every step of the way.”

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