Supes spending $535K to study flooding


County supervisors committed on Monday to spend $535,800 over the next 18 months to implement a stormwater management program to study flooding problems throughout the county. 

The contract was awarded to Waggoner Engineering, Inc., and will be conducted over four phases. 

Darion Warren, project manager with Waggoner, told supervisors under this plan they will research and evaluate the 33 different watersheds throughout the county and put together recommendations for ways to mitigate flooding as a result of development. 

Warren explained that due to development the absorption rate of water into plants and the ground lowers and the runoff rate increases, leading to flooding, water pollution and erosion. 

Zoffee Dahmash, project engineer, explained that in the beginning Waggoner will conduct interviews with representatives from the counties, cities and stakeholders to determine pressure points when it comes to flooding. From there, he said the county will be given a comprehensive list of all watersheds, deficiencies, and recommended solutions based off short and long-term plans. 

Dahmash said this was a fairly new study in Mississippi but has been embraced on the East coast and West coast. 

“It’s really long overdue to start approaching it,” he said. 

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin said the City of Canton currently struggles with flooding issues and this is something that could help. 

District 4 Supervisor Karl Banks said he didn’t want to end up like Houston, Texas, that is impacted each year by flooding because there is no absorption. 

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