EDITORIAL/State of the state is good


Life can’t be lived in a perpetual state of idleness and isolation, but considering the coronavirus pandemic, it must be lived with caution, Gov. Tate Reeves said Monday in his State of the State address nailing precisely the state of our state if not the entire world.

Despite the once in a century pandemic, Mississippi’s economy actually grew year over year. “Think about that,” he said. “We were the third-best state in the country for job recovery. We had more tourism spending return than any other state in the country--we were number one!”

That’s not just because of an open economy, the governor said. “It’s because Mississippians don’t want welfare, they want to work,” he said. “They recognize the pride and dignity that comes with it, and they’ve been eager to return when given the opportunity. “

 Reeves said we cannot be content with where we are. We can never simply say “that’s good enough,” he said. 

“I don’t want to compete with the Mississippi of the last fifty years. I don’t want to compete with Mississippi of the last decade.

 “I don’t want to compete with Mississippi of last year. I want to compete with the best — Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas. Because I know we can compete, and I know we can win.”

 We can get in the ring with anybody, and we can leave with more jobs and higher wages, the governor said.

“Mississippians can bring more skill and dedication to any project than anyone else, anywhere in the world,” he said.

“We work harder than anyone. Why shouldn’t we get the best jobs, the best expansions, and best headquarters? I believe we can.”

We believe we can as well, especially here in Madison County.

Like Gov. Reeves, we reject the false narrative that is being pushed by some which says a perpetual state of idleness and isolation is our new normal. That even after vaccination, we need to continue to hide away and live in this perpetual isolation and fear. “That’s just wrong,” he said and we could not agree more.

 Despite the pandemic the state’s economy has grown year over year and is now the third-best state in the country for job recovery.

There’s been much sorrow the last year, but there is also much hope. Sharpen the state’s workforce development, phase out the income tax, as the governor said.

We do need to keep fighting for every child to have access to the education they deserve, and reward our teachers for the exceptional, life-changing work that they do.

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