Shooting fireworks could draw fine, jail


Most of the calls police receive about fireworks are from residents who say the booms and pops are agitating their pets, Madison Police Capt. Kevin Newman said.

Shooting fireworks in the city limits of Madison or Ridgeland in particular could result in fines —possibly even jail time depending on the mood of a judge on the day of court. 

Madison police officials are warning residents not to shoot fireworks in the city over the Fourth of July weekend or they could be in trouble.

Newman said they respond to fireworks calls more on July 4th than on New Year’s Eve because it’s summer and people aren’t waiting until midnight to set off their arsenal. 

Police respond to all complaints made and fines for violating Madison’s fireworks ordinance can be up to $300 and or 90 days in jail, Newman said.

There are so many organized events with fireworks shows, such as Madison’s at Liberty Park on Monday, that people aren’t missing out on anything, he said.

Ridgeland’s ordinance bans the possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling and use of fireworks within city limits to avoid fires and to prevent injuries and property damage. 

Only professionals with permits are allowed to use fireworks in the city limits of Ridgeland.

While the cities of Canton and Flora do not ban the use of private fireworks in their cities, they do have restrictions on the use of fireworks.

“You can shoot fireworks anywhere in Canton,” said Canton Police Chief Otha Brown. “There are no restrictions. We only require them to stop being discharged past midnight.”

In Flora, people can shoot fireworks at their discretion between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. from July 3 through July 5. Fireworks rules, officials said, may vary depending on homeowners’ associations and subdivisions.

In Madison County, it is also permissible to shoot personal fireworks, said Capt. Tommy Squires of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, but some homeowners’ associations and subdivisions may have their own separate rules. 

“Be sure to check with your subdivisions before shooting off your fireworks, and be safe with them,” Squires said.

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