Sheet metal spills onto roadway

Sheet metal spills onto roadway


No wrecks or injuries have been reported after dozens of pieces of sheet metal spilled into the road last Thursday morning in Gluckstadt.

The scene was located in the area of Church Road and Old Jackson Road, authorities say. Gluckstadt police and city crews were on scene around 10:30 a.m. and it took about an hour to clear with a forklift, Gluckstadt Deputy Chief Barry Hale said.

“Traffic was not seriously blocked,” Hale said. “We had plenty of officers out there assisting with traffic.”

Hale said the sheet metal somehow shifted on the back of a trailer and it fell out. He said GPD is currently unsure of the company that was hauling the sheet metal at this time.

No injuries, no wrecks, and no charges were brought about related to this incident, Hale said.

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