Sales tax collections up across the board

Sales tax collections up across the board


Sales tax collections across the county are up 35 percent compared to 2021, a sign that business is booming in Madison County, officials say.

Every municipality in Madison County has seen growth from the previous fiscal year with Ridgeland enjoying the largest percentage.

Lauren Scheel of the Madison County Economic Development Authority said businesses coming to the county bring more workers to the area every day, and it contributes several things, like workers filling up their cars and eating lunch at various places, making the economy stronger.

“The [sales] tax diversions have continued to increase and that’s due to people supporting local businesses and more retail coming to the county,” Scheel said. “More people are shopping locally, and I think the numbers will continue to be positive. We have good opportunities for people to spend money and Gluckstadt has also helped us with their contributions.”

Ridgeland saw the highest growth, going from $9,534,140 to $11,230,495, a $1,696,255 gain or 17.79 percent increase. 

Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee said the city did things to relax ordinances so businesses could continue to grow.

“People are looking for a place to have their businesses in a safe environment,” McGee said. “We have a strong economy. I think we’ll continue to see strong growth since we’re seeing interest in more developments in the city. We’re grateful for the businesses here to help the economy grow.” 

Flora saw the second-highest growth behind Ridgeland at 14.77 percent, going from $272,248 to $312,459 in the same time period.

“People are shopping at home and helping out with our businesses and we’re doing well,” Flora Mayor Les Childress said. “There’s a lot of local and outside traffic that comes into our town.”

Madison saw a gain of $174,523 or 2.61 percent increase, increasing from $6,690,019 to $6,864,542. 

Canton also saw high growth with a $264,104 gain or 11.45 percent increase, from $2,307,485 to $2,571,589. 

Since Gluckstadt’s incorporation nearly one year ago, the city has collected $1,713,672 in sales tax.

“Every municipality has to rely a great deal on its commercial development,” Gluckstadt Mayor Walter Morrison said. “A tremendous amount of Gluckstadt’s financial circumstance is based on sales tax revenue. With every business that opens, our sales tax revenue increases. It’s important that every city has as good commercial development as possible.”

He added, “When you drive through Gluckstadt, you see new businesses opening every week, and we see growth continuing with no end in sight.”

City officials from Madison, Canton, Gluckstadt and Flora could not be reached for comment.

In total, Madison County saw a 20.68 percent increase, from $18,803,892 to $22,692,756, a gain of $3,888,864. 

Currently, for May 2022, every city in Madison County saw slight growth in tax diversions except Madison, which lost $61,308, a 6.70 percent decrease, going from $914,508 to $853,200. 

Canton saw a growth of 9.03 percent, a gain of $30,226, going from $334,709 to $364,934. 

Gluckstadt collected $246,545 for May 2022. 

Flora saw a 27.28 percent increase, going from $34,399 to $43,784, a gain of $9,385. 

Ridgeland saw a 3.27 percent increase, going from $1,408,575 to $1,454,699, a gain of $46,124. 

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