Ridgeland celebrating city’s 125th anniversary

Ridgeland celebrating city’s 125th anniversary


RIDGELAND — A virtual history room, more historical markers and an anniversary event in December are all in the plans this year to celebrate the city’s 125th anniversary.

“This year marks a significant milestone as the city of Ridgeland celebrates its 125th Anniversary,” said city spokeswoman Kim Cooper said. “The Planning Committee held its kick-off meeting earlier this week to set the stage for activities that will commemorate Ridgeland’s past and celebrate the bright future ahead.”

Cooper is also the chair of the 125th Anniversary Planning Committee. Other members are: Nancy Batson, Pat Truesdale, Jim Woodrick, Robby Carr, Polly Hammett, Donna Dye, Mike Porter, Jane McGee, D.I. Smith, Bill Lee, Matt Dodd, Lisa Walters, Bryan Johnson, Linda Bynum, Karen McKie, Kenya Rachel, Carol Fitzgerald, Explore Ridgeland staff, Ben McDonald, and William Gilbert.

The celebration campaign will focus on the history of Ridgeland and seek to highlight the history of the first families of the city.

“The first families are significant to our history, and they have left us with a heritage we can be proud of,” Mayor Gene F. McGee said. “We honor those who have made Ridgeland a special place to live and work, and we believe that a vital part of being a community is remembering our heritage and being thankful for those who took the time to plan for the future of our great City.”

More details will be announced in the future but currently on the calendar is an anniversary event on Dec. 29. Ridgeland was incorporated as a village on December 29, 1899, after the first families settled in the area.

At some point in the future, Ridgeland will introduce a Virtual History Room on the city’s website that will mirror the physical History Room located at City Hall, Cooper said. 

“This virtual space will allow greater access to the narratives that have helped to shape Ridgeland,” Cooper said.

The new feature will showcase historical archives of Ridgeland’s first families, a share your story component, and much more.

The city also plans to unveil 20 new historical markers throughout the city over the course of this year following the successful unveiling of the first history trail marker located at City Hall and display cabinets honoring the first families of Ridgeland in October 2023.

The Historical Committee of Ridgeland, with assistance from the Ridgeland Tourism Commission and city staff, has collaborated on developing the Ridgeland History Trail. Cooper said the History Trail will consist of interpretive wayside exhibits highlighting the culture and history of Ridgeland.

“It will utilize the existing multi-use recreational trail system, as well as additional off-trail sites,” Cooper said “More details about the Ridgeland History Trail will be announced in the coming months.”

According to Cooper, the Planning Committee is also working on a variety of other fun activities that will provide opportunities for the community to come together for this special and celebratory year.

“These celebrations are not just about marking a milestone; they are a tribute to those who came before us and a celebration of a future path we pave together as a community,” Cooper said.

For more details on the upcoming events and activities follow the City of Ridgeland social channels, sign up for Ridgeland Alerts, and visit www.ridgelandms.org.

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