Revell Ace Hardware renovating Madison Ace store

Revell Ace Hardware renovating Madison Ace store


MADISON — The Madison Ace Hardware store here on Highway 51 is becoming Revell Ace Hardware’s eighth location soon. 

Madison alderman approved the renovation and remodeling plans during their Nov. 15 meeting with a unanimous vote. 

Joe Rooks, one of the owners of Revell Ace Hardware, said the old store is getting a new look along with new ownership. 

“We’re bringing the Revell platform to Madison,” Rooks said. “We’ll be doubling the inventory, and completely remodeling the interior of the store with new lighting, products, inventory, and we’re remodeling the outside and putting a new roof on it. We’re making the building look pretty and the people of Madison will be proud of this store.”

Revell Ace Hardware was founded in 1950 by Joe Revell, and since then has expanded to seven different locations including Byram, the Reservoir, Clinton, Richland, Pearl, Northeast Jackson, and South Jackson, along with two standalone stores in Pearl (Revell Outdoor Power and Revell Supply Group). Madison will be Revell Ace Hardware’s eighth location. 

Rooks said Revell Ace Hardware’s expansion to Madison has been 30 years in the making. 

“Until now, the window of opportunity has never opened here for our business model,” Rooks said. “Fourteen years ago, the people we bought the Madison store from approached us, but the timing was not right then. However, in July of this year, it felt right this time and we were able to negotiate a deal with them. You can make all the business plans you want, but in the end it’s really God’s plan.” 

He said Revell Ace is blessed by tremendous people and the company wouldn’t be here without the 158 hard-working team members across all the locations in Mississippi. 

“We have a wonderful team and our general manager, Guy Eaton, manages all of our employees,” Rooks said. “We’re very excited about this opportunity and I was blown away by the reception we got from the city on this. Being part of the Madison community has been a dream of ours and we’ve had tons of customers ask us if we were ever coming to Madison. We’re going to work hard, make Madison better, and we’re so grateful for Madison’s support of small businesses.” 

Rooks said he hopes to have the store's renovations completed in January 2023. 

For more information about Revell Ace Hardware, visit their website at 

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