Reunion splitting off new development

Reunion splitting off new development


MADISON — Reunion will break off 240 acres south of Reunion Parkway into a separate but similar residential community abutting Ingleside.

Aldermen on Tuesday night approved removing over the 240 acres of undeveloped land from the Reunion Planned Unit Development (PUD) in order to create a new Mannsdale PUD. 

With the new Mannsdale PUD, Reunion developers say they are planning a similar high-end residential development that will back up to Ingleside, the highest income part of Madison County.

Alderman Guy Bowering said Madison’s decision to amend the Reunion PUD and create a separate Mannsdale PUD was a logical choice since it gives people more space and amenities such as multiple lakes, walking trails, and playgrounds.

“The Mannsdale PUD will be its own separate thing from the Reunion PUD,” Bowering said. “The city is very much in favor of this. It’s simply more logical to move the development to the other side of the parkway and make it a physical separation to utilize that land and give people their amenities. When you have such a separation of that parkway from one side to the other, it made sense to make this a separate PUD.”

Keith Kent with Reunion said everything regarding the PUD is ready.

“We’re good, and thank you for the consideration,” he said.

Bowering and the rest of the alderman unanimously approved the Reunion PUD amendment during their Tuesday night meeting. The amendment states approximately 247.06 acres of land are planned to be removed for the Reunion PUD, located on the south side of Reunion Parkway, abutting Ingleside Subdivision.

Bowering said the Mannsdale PUD will have very similar types of amenities and building restrictions that the Reunion PUD has.

“Nothing changed, except they’ve made it a separate PUD,” Bowering said. “We’re not sure when it will be finished since there’s still a lot of work to do. Real estate has been great in the Reunion development, but you never know if those real estate conditions can change. We’re confident this PUD will turn out well since it’ll be closer to where people will live so they can enjoy what the development is providing for them in the way of amenities.”

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