Reeves’ plan includes $65M for I-55

Reeves’ plan includes $65M for I-55


A stretch of I-55 between Madison and Gluckstadt would get $65 million for widening with another $5 million going toward an access road at the Madison County MegaSite under an $1.3 billion infrastructure proposal announced last week by Gov. Tate Reeves.

Madison County Economic Development Authority Executive Director Joey Deason welcomes the investment.

“These funds will greatly enhance the quality of life and provide additional economic opportunities for our citizens today and our citizens of the future,” Deason said. “We look forward to the continued growth of our community.”

Heath Hall, a spokesman for the Madison County Board of Supervisors, said county infrastructure improvements from the state are always welcome.

“Madison County is grateful to be included in the list of projects proposed by the Governor,” Hall said. “The widening of Interstate 55 and the road extension at the Madison County Megasite are major steps in readying the county for further economic growth. Madison County is always appreciative of the assistance of the State in completing these large-scale projects.”

Reeves announced his plan that includes proposed infrastructure investments throughout the state coupled with site development efforts to entice more high-paying jobs from businesses that may locate in Mississippi.

“To better position our state for further economic growth, we need to invest in our state’s roads and increase the number of project-ready sites across Mississippi,” said Reeves. 

The entire proposal statewide totals about $1.3 billion for projects ready to begin construction upon receiving funding.

During a press conference last week Reeves pointed out that his proposal still must be approved by the Legislature. 

“Madison County benefits greatly from this proposal,” Reeves said.

Deason said infrastructure enhancements, specifically “roads and bridges”, are an “economic developers dream.” He said projects like this “open up a world of opportunities” and added he hoped the project would open up further opportunities for the county to make road improvements in the area.

“These investments will go an incredibly long way toward giving Mississippi the competitive advantage it needs to land more economic development projects and deliver more high-quality, high-paying jobs for Mississippians,” Reeves said.

Included in the $1.3 billion is an additional investment of $100 million into the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Program, which all 300 municipalities and 82 counties across Mississippi are eligible to apply for.

The plan also includes $57 million in grants to develop project-ready sites across Mississippi. Reeves said these sites are critical to attracting large businesses to the state. Once finished, these sites will allow companies to relocate to Mississippi immediately. These site-development grants have been approved and will begin work immediately.

A site development project in the governor’s announcement was $5,083,360 for the Madison County MegaSite. 

Deason said these funds would be used for a project to add a second access road to the MegaSite at Virlilia Road. 

“We are extremely excited and this access road is entirely needed,” Deason said, adding that an additional point of ingress and egress to the MegaSite will attract further developers and investors in the area.

The access road will meet the Madison County Parkway at a point just north of the planned Amazon facility. Deason said MCEDA has secured a grant from the Delta Regional Authority to the tune of $450,000 that will be matched by MCEDA funds to complete the project.

Reeves said the team at MCEDA has done a “fantastic job” attracting businesses to the area and hoped this would make MegaSite “even more attractive.”

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