Police release new school traffic plan

Police release new school traffic plan


MADISON — Police have instituted a new traffic pattern for entry to Madison Station Elementary from the Reunion Parkway due to construction on the campus, authorities said.

“Madison Station is currently going through new construction on campus that caused the re-routing of traffic on campus which caused a traffic issue onto Reunion Parkway,” MPD Lt. Micah Taylor said. 

A social media post explaining the change went up on Tuesday afternoon from the Madison Police Department.

The post featured a diagram of a traffic pattern that was implemented Wednesday morning and will be in effect every morning from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. through the remainder of the school year.

The diagram shows police cars at both entries to the school off of the Reunion Parkway who will be directing traffic onto campus during those times. Right-hand lanes heading eastbound will be dedicated for school traffic during those hours.

The area where Lake Village Drive connects to the Parkway will be a right turn only during those hours as well.

Police will be stationed at the easternmost entrance to assist those coming westbound on the Parkway to cleanly make a left-hand turn to merge into the school traffic lines.

“This should help,” Mary Katherine Burris commented on the social media post.

“Thank goodness,” Tony Jeff replied. “That’s much better flow coming from Annandale.”

MPD asks motorists to “please continue to reduce your speed to 20 mph as you travel through the school zone and please be aware of the officers working the traffic to ensure everyone’s safety getting to and from their destinations.”

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