Plans for new Post Office start to take shape

Plans for new Post Office start to take shape


Gluckstadt Mayor Walter Morrison said he has wanted a Post Office for the past two years, and plans are finally starting to come into focus. 

“One of the things I think drove the incorporation of the City of Gluckstadt is a real desire for people to have a local identity,” Morrison said. “As soon as we were incorporated, people started asking about when we would get a Post Office. However, post offices are not controlled at the local level. These are matters controlled at the congressional level.” 

Morrison said soon after Gluckstadt was formed, the city reached out to Congress for help in getting a Post Office. 

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and Rep. Michael Guest have indicated that the process is ongoing, and he hopes to have some concrete answers on the Post Office soon. 

“Since it’s a United States Postal Service entity, the Postal Service will dictate what we do and how we do it,” Morrison said. “All I know right now is that Sen. Smith is aware of our needs and she is working on it.” 

“A post office here will have a very important impact, not only on the city, but on the county as a whole,” Morrison said. “Right now the city of Madison Post Office is overwhelmed to my knowledge. People have been talking about the burden that the Post Office has, and where the city of Gluckstadt lies now, there was nothing but cornfields. There are a lot of people living out there and businesses that need mail service. I hope a Post Office here would alleviate a lot of that strain.” 

State Rep. Jill Ford is joining the effort in bringing a Post Office to Gluckstadt and said she has become keenly aware of the Madison Post Office being overburdened, likely due to the growth in Gluckstadt. 

“It was more than 30 days until our mail was forwarded and it is likely that the rest of the forwarded mail will never be delivered,” Ford said. 

Ford said Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s office has been very helpful in guiding her throughout the process. 

“Mayor Walter Morrison has been working on getting a Gluckstadt post office for the past two years,” Ford said. “Maybe his efforts and mine will be successful.” 

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