No self-checkout at new Sullivan’s

No self-checkout at new Sullivan’s


GLUCKSTADT – Sullivan’s Marketplace opening here on April 6 will give shoppers a pure feeling of home and family with no self-checkouts, says Parker Sullivan, one of the second-generation owners and a resident.

“We hired local people and the store is owned by locals,” Sullivan said. “You’ll feel like you’re at home shopping here, and we have a very high level of customer service with no self-checkouts. Everything is hands-on.”

Having a Sullivan’s is very exciting, and the design of the store is beautifully eye-catching, said Gluckstadt Alderman Lisa Williams. 

“I’m so pleased Sullivan’s chose Gluckstadt for a new location,” Williams said. “It’s a beautiful site, and the building design is great.”

Williams said the convenience of Sullivan’s is great for households like hers.

“I’ll probably do a lot of my future grocery shopping there,” Williams said. “I am confident the staff and owners will do a fabulous job serving our community and make their shopping experience awesome.”

Compared to other grocery stores, Sullivan’s not only offers everything you can find at a standard store, but also in-house butchers cutting fresh meat daily, a bakery producing all kinds of bread and pastries, a fresh fruit program, and fresh-cut sushi every day.

Sullivan, vice president of operations, said he is very excited to be opening in Gluckstadt.

Gluckstadt area residents finally have a place to shop without driving a long distace.

“We’re ready to put a bow on this project,” Sullivan said. “We’ve hired local people to keep jobs in this community and kept things local to help the economy here with bills.”

Sullivan said while the store is not the same size as a Walmart or Kroger, he promised the store will be competitive on pricing.

“People can find things here at affordable prices, and items you can’t find at corporate stores, like expanded perishables,” he said. 

“It’s also a great location. I live in the Gluckstadt community with my wife and kids who go to school here.”

Gluckstadt has needed a grocery store for a while, and it is great for the community to have one, said Matthew McIntosh of McIntosh Construction, Inc. which is building the store.

“The project has gone fairly smoothly, and it’s great working with the Sullivans on it,” Macintosh said. “Working with the city of Gluckstadt has gone very well, and Sullivan’s is an asset to the community since it will help everyone here and bring in more businesses.”

When you put a grocery store in, he said, all the other businesses come in around it.

Sullivan’s opens on April 6 and is located on the west side of Calhoun Station Parkway near the historic St. Joseph Catholic Church and will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m daily.

A second location is set to open at the intersection of Gluckstadt Road and Highway 463 at Mannsdale in 2023.

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