Madison County Sheriff's deputies make large drug bust Monday


About 40 pounds of marijuana allegedly being trafficked by a Wyoming man were seized Monday by Madison County Sheriff’s deputies patrolling I-55.

Charles Zach Fornes, 69, of Wyoming was arrested and charged with trafficking in controlled substances and careless driving.

Chief Deputy Jeremy Williams said a deputy saw Fornes driving on I-55 on Monday evening. 

Williams said that the deputy noted the vehicle with Wyoming plates driving in a manner he determined to be dangerous when he made the stop.

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker announced the seizure in a social media post accompanied by a picture of several packages of what appeared to be marijuana.

The authorities have not said where on I-55 the stop was made.

“Madison County Sheriff’s Department interdiction doing work on I-55,” Tucker’s post read. “I’m honored to work with the finest law enforcement anywhere in this country. These men and women put it on the line every day and the results speak for themselves! Bad guy headed to jail and good guys headed to their families.”

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